Temperature Dependent Hall Effect

Hall effect measurements are offered for a variety of semiconductor materials. We offer measurements in wide temperature (1.8 K - 400 K) and magnetic field (- 9 Tesla to  9 Tesla) ranges. The high sensitivity of our setup allows us to test materials for a wide range of resistivity. The types of carries, mobilities, Hall coefficients, and electron densities are parameters that can be measured accurately. These measurements can be conducted for different sample geometries: van der Pauw, Hall bar (six or eight terminals). Please contact laboratory staff for more information.

Shubnikov-de-Haas measurements

Resistivity measurements as function of magnetic field (up to 9 Tesla) are offered at low temperatures (1.5 K - 15 K). These measurements can help, for example, to accurately determine carrier density, reveal different bands of conduction and estimate effective mass of the material. Please contact laboratory staff for more information.