III-V Semiconductor Materials and Device Growth by MBE

The Arkansas Electrical Characterization Laboratory offers growth of III-V semiconductor materials and  low-dimensional systems.  The MBE system includes materials of group III - Ga, Al and In and group V - As. Si and Be are used as dopants. The material growth can be customized on request and tested structurally, electrically and optically. We have great experience in the growth of HEMTs, pHEMTs, quantum well and quantum dot optoelectronic devices.

Electrical Metrology and Magnetic Characterization of  Semiconductor Materials and Devices

The Arkansas Electrical Characterization Laboratory offers analytical services. This includes electrical and magnetic characterization of materials and devices. Current-voltage, Hall effect measurements, capacitance-voltage, and measurements of magnetoresistance and low-frequency noise can be performed on request in wide temperature and magnetic field ranges. At our laboratory, these techniques are routinely used to study material properties and to optimize performance of different types of devices, such as magnetic sensors, solar cells, infrared detectors, transistors, etc. Magnetic properties of thin films and different types of nanostructures can be tested by SQUID magnetometer measurements in wide temperature and magnetic field ranges.
Consulting Services

The Arkansas Electrical Characterization laboratory offers consulting in material growth and electrical characterization of semiconductor materials.